Hi there! My name’s Sarah Illingworth and I’m a New Zealand born, New York based freelance journalist, sub editor and copywriter. It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I realised how important starting the day with a good coffee was – even in New York, the city that has it all, it was near impossible to find a decent drop! Many New Yorkers would call that blasphemy, but when you’re used to a silken, strong cortado to get the day going, nothing else… works. Luckily, things are on the up. Over the last few years New York coffee culture has undergone an incredible transformation, with many premium coffeehouses opening their doors in the last year alone. Gone are the days Antipodeans were heard to say, “I love New York… but I wish I could get a good coffee!” In this blog you’ll find only cafés that can be trusted to consistently turn out excellent espresso and satisfy the cravings of anyone who loves a good flat white – and every variation thereof. Who knows, I might even venture into dubious territory and see if I can acquire a taste for high quality drip.

For more about Sarah go to www.sarahillingworth.com or email sarah@sarahillingworth.com.

At every café featured:
Espresso and espresso based drinks are typically double shot, although if they offer a double espresso it pays to check / ‘Milk’ coffees (cappuccino, cortado/gibraltar, macchiato, latte et al) are made wet, so no over-aerated bollocks, including on caps or macchiatos / If you like a flat white, order a cappuccino or cortado.